Here you can find a List of frequently Asked Questions

Do you dream of getting all the Arab and international channels encrypted and free in one package and one link without a pickup, only through the Internet at a very low cost compared to regular subscriptions in addition to movies and series Arab and foreign also .. All this and more will get with this service .

These packages can be accessed by servers like “The Ghost Server” process, which is provided as monthly or annual subscriptions and can be operated on various systems and devices through intermediate programs that facilitate the process greatly and provide an experience such as the normal satellite channel experience.

The main difference in quality between service and the other lies in the quality of the broadcast provided by the provider. It depends mainly on the capacity of the server (the hardware used in the establishment of the server), which is based on the stability of the channel during the viewing, especially if the channel watching by many at the same time and also the number of channels and the number The most important alternative servers are the accuracy, which vary greatly depending on the provider between SD, HD and FHD. These are the only chips available. The 4k resolution is difficult to transmit due to the low speed of the internet in general.
We provide 4k resolution but It is best to take a demo subscription before selecting any package from any service provider.

The distribution Channels are one and the provider can control just the number of channels. The conclusion is that the number of channels can vary, but the quality is the same in both the paid and the pilot packages at the same time.

The Softwares thats installed on the server encrypts the main broadcast link for ordinary subscribers and allows one-line to use and prevents re-broadcasting. When re-broadcasting or viewing the subscription from different devices at the same time by the user, the Server automatically blocks the user. the Channel Can be viewed on several devices but not “at the same time”.